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As our company was rapidly expanding we knew we needed a new CRM system. The Tier32 platform is exactly what we needed. This multifaceted system easily helped with our basic and more complicated needs. Working with them has been a joy as they truly understand what is needed to increase efficiency and ensure data integrity.

Michael Burton, Skyline Security

Tier32 is my command center in the field. Whether I’m helping a tech trouble shoot an active install, scheduling jobs, or checking office stats, Tier32 Mobile keeps me informed from the palm of my hand. It has literally replaced the need for an office assistant.

Mike Robison, Regional Technician

I’ve been in the security industry since I was 19 and now I’m 28. I've used various CRM systems starting with Engarde until I found Tier32. Tier32 is the only system available that is designed to push all account creation to the field which in turn keeps your office staff able to focus on correcting problems like funding tickets and collections. Also, Tier32 just keeps getting better! Thank you!

Kurt Denninghoff, Avant Security

Having worked in the security industry for over a decade using various Customer Resource Management Software, I can confidently say that Tier32’s system is the best security industry CRM on the market.

The numerous modules and applications work seamlessly together to create a very robust and user friendly product. This ultimately translates to improved service to our customers. The licensing and human resource applications have been extremely beneficial and replaced spreadsheets and hours of manual tracking and work. The power, simplicity, and functionality allow for us to continue growth without compromising service.

Additionally, the Tier32 group provides amazing support. They stand behind their work and strive to provide the best product on the market.

Michael Melzer, AMP Smart

I have been an Tier32 user for over 6 years now and the program has evolved vastly throughout that time. Tier32 has made invoicing and collecting payments from our customers a simple process. The A/R tab clearly states the balances of our customers as well as what payments, credits, and debits have not been applied to an invoice; this updated feature has made knowing the balance of customers and their payment history clear.

The subscription feature runs payments and generates invoices simultaneously and has an updated feature that allow payments to be ran and applied to a balance without generating a new invoice which has simplified our collections process.

The payment tab’s stored wallet items keeps our customers’ payment information secure and made running payments quick and efficient. Being able to see clearly from the payments page when a payment has been returned, voided, or refunded has removed any confusion from our payment process.

These improved features in Tier32 has made billing our customers and accurately tracking customer balances a breeze, we would not be able to bill our thousands of customers without it.

Christina Seabock, Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Tier32 gives the front end user the right tools they need to do their jobs efficiently. With security profiles that can be geared towards your everyday user and your owner, it really puts the power of the system in the right hands. You can easily track your employees through a time card module. You can track your customers and identify specific trends or areas of improvement in your company with the easily customizable tools within the system.

I’ve used Tier32 on a daily basis for years now. While there are other CRM’s in the field that claim to work for the ever growing security industry, nothing out there competes with what Orion has to offer. The landscape of this industry is changing and Orion is at the forefront. Sit back, relax, and watch your business scale. From an every-day user’s perspective, I can attest to the power of Tier32.

Brian Carter, Call Center Director

Tier32 has been the best thing for our company. Being a small company it has made data keeping so much easier to keep track of all of our inventory and customers all in one place. Before Tier32 we had to do a lot of double data entry on 3 different websites. The convenience of having everything in one spot has saved us so much time. The entire team we have been working with has made the switch to Tier32 sooooo much easier.

Courtney Meyers, Operations Manager

Since day one, Tier32 has been updating and improving their system to make things efficient, easier to use, and simple to understand. They are fantastic at assisting with technical issues and respond in a very promptly manner. They also listen to recommendations and requests we personally have made and implemented them into the website. They make us feel heard and the relationship feels more like business partners instead of consumer and provider.

Carlos Martinez, Compliance & Critical Information Manager


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